7 Day Gift Box Minis


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Mrs Bridges 7 Days of Preserves Gift Set

Orange Marmalade-topped crumpets on Saturday, Strawberry Preserve with champagne on scones on Sunday; Lemon Curd-slathered  toast  on Tuesday;


spread a little happiness at breakfast every morning by giving someone you love this super selection of 7 Preserves from Mrs Bridges. In mini jars with copper-coloured lids, these deliciously tasty preserves jams taste  as gorgeous as they look and will tantalise the taste buds at any time of day.

  • Fine Cut Orange Marmalade – Based on their traditional marmalade recipe, with finely sliced orange zest for a better class of breakfast.
  • Orange Marmalade with Ginger – Classic orange marmalade, warmed up with the sweet and fiery heat of ginger.
  • Celebration Marmalade with Champagne – Based on their traditional marmalade recipe, in a more celebratory flavour thanks to a dash of bubbly, for an altogether first-class breakfast.
  • Lemon Curd – A wonderfully fresh-tasting curd that encapsulates summer in a jar.
  • Strawberry Preserve with Champagne – One of Mrs Bridges’ absolute classics, packed with the traditional flavour of fine Scottish strawberries and made extra-luxurious with the addition of fine fizz.
  • Raspberry & Redcurrant Preserve – Rich and irresistible, it’s perfect spread thickly on scones or crumpets.
  • Scottish Blackcurrant Preserve – Scottish-grown blackcurrants lend a lovely sweet tart tang to this delicious toast topper.


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